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Job Creation

From research labs and supplier factories to assembly lines and dealership showrooms, the auto industry supports nearly 8 million jobs, pays $500 billion in annual compensation and generates $70 billion in personal tax revenue in the United States.

And, as low-skill manufacturing has shifted overseas (for example, in textiles or some consumer electronics), the importance of high-skill manufacturing, like automobiles, has risen. With auto sales rebounding from the financial crisis of the 2008 – 2009, automakers’ importance to our economy will continue to grow. Industry experts predict Chrysler, Ford and GM could hire 34,000 new workers over the next four years. And those new jobs will support about 300,000 more new jobs at auto suppliers and other local businesses that serve Chrysler, Ford and GM plants.

Chrysler, Ford and GM are just three of 16 major global automakers competing in the U.S., but they employ two-thirds of America’s autoworkers, purchase nearly two-thirds of the auto parts manufactured here, produce 55 percent of the autos assembled here and conduct most of America’s auto research and development.

Why do Chrylser, Ford and GM contribute so much more to our economy? Because they conduct the bulk of their engineering, manufacturing, marketing and finance work here. Four out of 10 Chrysler, Ford and GM employees are based in the U.S. At Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai/Kia, BMW, Mercedes and VW (the seven largest foreign automakers), only five in 100 employees are based here. That eight-fold difference translates into millions of U.S. jobs and tens of billions of dollars in parts sales, R&D and capital investment each year.

Oct 23 2013
Written by Dominic Adams | Posted on MLive

FLINT, MI -- General Motors hopes to retain 135 jobs and add 15 more in the next two years as part of a $124.5 million construction project that would see an 850,000-square-foot paint shop built at its Flint Assembly plant on Van Slyke Road.

The plains for the paint shop were detailed in GM's application for an industrial facilities tax exemption certificate filed with the city.

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Oct 07 2013
Written by Karl Henkel | Posted on The Detroit News

Today’s moving automobile assembly lines are part human and part machine, capable of switching on the fly to different models of cars and trucks according to demand. Computer-controlled robots perform precise welds on chassis parts, while workers carry out tasks that machines alone cannot.

Sep 30 2013
Chrysler Media

September 26, 2013 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - The Ram Truck brand declared 2013 "The Year of the Farmer" and on September 28 they will work with the Chrysler Group LLC Southeast Business Center (SEBC) to bring that support to the grid iron.

Together with North Carolina State University, the SEBC and Ram Trucks are co-sponsoring the agricultural and Farmer Awareness Game on September 28. The North Carolina State Wolfpack takes on Central Michigan, with all game day activities designed to raise awareness of farming and support the agricultural community in North Carolina

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Sep 30 2013
Ford Media

DETROIT, Sept. 27, 2013 – Ford Motor Company Chief Operating Officer Mark Fields, who also serves as chair of United Way for Southeastern Michigan’s 2013 campaign, kicked off the annual community giving initiative today with a symbolic torch-lighting ceremony at Detroit’s Hart Plaza.

Fields announced a fundraising goal of $40 million – $5 million more than last year’s target. The funds will accelerate United Way’s work toward improving the first five years of the lives of children in Southeast Michigan to ensure that in 2030, when many are high school seniors, they will graduate as the most college- and career-ready class in the nation.

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Sep 26 2013
Written by Jeremy Allen | Posted on MLive

General Motors will unveil its highly anticipated next-generation 2015 Heavy Duty Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks at the Flint Assembly Plant – the location where a large quantity of the trucks will be manufactured – at 3100 Van Slyke Rd. on Thursday, Sept. 26.