Jeep’s EcoDiesel Grand Cherokee: A Clean Vehicle That Loves Mud

Micah Wright

With all this talk of dirty diesel engines and massive recalls dominating the news cycle, we’re thrilled to put a diesel in the spotlight for all the right reasons, because when it comes to the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4×4 EcoDiesel, it ticks all the right boxes while keeping any issues to a minimum. Even reviews from fellow critic, Road & Track (who drove it for a long-term feature), loved the EcoDiesel from start to finish, finding zero reasons to gripe about it — aside from the pricy powertrain.

The idea of a diesel Jeep intrigued me ever since I first heard about this version coming to market a few years back. And with one of the first stories I ever covered at Autos Cheat Sheet being the release of an EcoDiesel version of the Wrangler, let’s just say the chance to get my hands on a modern oil-burning Jeep has been high on my list for a while.

So in a stroke of extreme good luck, I recently had the chance to take a hardcore, optioned-out Limited version on some rugged, mud-filled paths. Since these trails were dicey enough to warrant a team of spotters, action shots were a little tough to come by. But after emerging on the other end, I couldn’t wait to get some photos to do it justice, because not only was I impressed by what the Grand Cherokee could do, I was left wondering if there was anything out there this $55,000 SUV couldn’t take.

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