Ford Gathering Data to Improve How Bikes and Cars Interact

Erin Marquis

More than a hundred years ago, the Ford Motor Company changed the landscape of US cities with its cars, and the company is once again trying to disrupt the way Americans move around their metropolises by ditching four wheels for two.

Ford is hoping data will make the difference in its quest to create a city friendly to both cars and bikes with what it calls a "mobility experiment" known as Info Cycle. Engineers are riding bikes with data sensors on the front fork around the tech town of Palo Alto, CA, according to CityLab. This data is analyzed and made public on Ford's open-source site called OpenXC. The sensors record everything from speed to temperature to ambient light. Ford hopes the data give city governments and biking activists the tools they need to make roads safer for all travelers. Along with data gathered from cars, Ford hopes to foster a better urban ecosystem for both bikers and drivers.

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