Currency discipline key to trade deal

Governor Matt Blunt

Chrysler, Ford and General Motors have supported every trade agreement negotiated by the United States, and we believe the Trans-Pacific Partnership holds great promise for all the member nations and their economies.

The timing is right. U.S. automakers have restructured, are globally competitive, and the U.S. auto industry has added thousands of new American jobs across the country — from software developers, product design engineers, microchip manufacturers, to workers on assembly lines. A high-standard TPP could deliver real benefits with new markets for the industry’s innovative new products and technologies — all while supporting well-paying jobs here at home.

TPP is the most important trade agreement in decades because it will serve as a template for future trade pacts. The negotiating countries have repeatedly expressed strong support for a 21st century agreement. To achieve that goal, the final pact must ensure that currency manipulation by a TPP member does not undermine the market access commitments set forth in the final agreement.

The Detroit News