AAPC Reinforces Call for Action on Currency Manipulation

For Immediate Release:

August 20, 2014
Contact: Colin Dunn


AAPC Reinforces Call for Action on Currency Manipulation

Washington, D.C. – The American Automotive Policy Council (AAPC) today reinforced the need for strong and enforceable currency manipulation disciplines in all future trade agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP].

At an event today in Greensboro, North Carolina AAPC highlighted how unfair currency policies hurt American job creation, economic growth, and tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs in North Carolina.

Some of the current negotiating TPP countries have a history of intentionally devaluing their currency in order to promote their exports and to block imports into their markets. This places the entire U.S. manufacturing base at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to international trade.

AAPC also applauded the 60 Senators and 230 House Members who support the inclusion of strong and enforceable currency manipulation disciplines in TPP. This includes North Carolina Senators Burr and Hagan, and Representatives Butterfield, Coble, Jones, McHenry, McIntyre, Pittenger and Price.

“The American auto industry is the leading U.S. export industry and proudly supports free trade. But for the American auto industry to support TPP, the agreement must include strong and enforceable currency disciplines. This is essential in order to create a level playing field for American businesses and American workers and to ensure other markets are truly open for our exports,” said Governor Matt Blunt, President of AAPC.”

The American Automotive Policy Council, Inc. (AAPC) is a Washington, D.C.- based non-profit trade association that represents the common public policy interests of its member companies: Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company

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