GM's view of hydrogen fuel cells: great for military use

General Motors thinks there's a future for hydrogen fuel cells, but it's not in your driveway.

Unless you're a member of the armed forces and your driveway is, say, Fort Bliss.

The Detroit automaker is and the U.S. Army are collaborating on a modular experimental light- and medium-duty fuel-cell truck platform with a name so military that it could have come from a Tom Clancy book: Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure, or SURUS.

Ford beats Wall Street expectation on cost reductions

Ford beat Wall Street expectations Thursday, driven in large part by cost reductions and strong sales in North America.

The company said it has been cost cutting across several departments. Costs were also comparably lower this quarter because Ford suffered a massive recall of its vehicles this time last year. Last year Ford had to recall almost 2.4 million vehicles spanning several models, such as the Mustang, Focus, and Lincoln MKC.