Manufacturing Economy


The auto industry is America’s largest exporter. Over the past six years, automakers and suppliers have exported over $775 billion worth of vehicles and parts. They beat the next best performing sector (aerospace) by $125 billion. Last year alone, automakers and suppliers out-exported the aerospace industry by $6 billion.

Raw Materials and Parts:

The U.S. auto industry is one of the largest consumers of domestic raw materials and parts. Last year, automakers sold more than 17 million cars in the U.S., and each contained between 8,000 to 12,000 parts, using more than 3,000 pounds of iron, steel, rubber, glass and semiconductors. Approximately 734,000 Americans work at the plants, offices and research labs that produce those parts and materials.

American Research & Development:

Designing those 8,000 to 12,000 auto parts and helping put them together makes autos among the most engineering-intensive industries in the world. In fact, seven out of the world’s top 25 corporate investors in research and development are automakers. FCA US, Ford and General Motors each invest more each year on research and development than HP, Boeing, and AT&T – and 80 cents of every dollar they invest in research and development is spent here in the U.S. Thanks largely to this investment, nearly one in 10 engineers and scientists in private sector R&D work for an automaker or auto supplier.

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  • Jun 30 2015

    2016 Chevrolet Cruze Features New Ecotec Engines

    Written by Temur Tatishvili | Posted on The Financial

    The 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is powered by General Motors’ new, global family of Ecotec small-displacement engines, featuring a modular architecture that is easier to build and adaptable to global markets, while offering customers segment-challenging efficiency, refinement and durability.

  • Jun 30 2015

    Ford Focus RS Horsepower Revealed

    Written by Nigel Atkinson | Posted on Business 2 Community

    Let the horsepower wars begin as we reveal that the new Ford Focus RS will make a staggering 345 horsepower from its 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder. Step aside the Volkswagen Golf R the Subaru WRX STI, but not the Mercedes CLA45 AMG which pips the Ford with 355 hp and the Audi RS3 which is the current most powerful hatch with 362 hp.

    Also confirmed is the RS’s torque number figure, which is  325 lb-ft between 2000 and 4500 rpm. An overboost function allows for a maximum of 347 lb-ft for up to 15 seconds when the driver’s right foot is buried into the carpet.

  • Jun 30 2015

    Report: Dodge Increasing Hellcat Availability for 2016

    Written by Jake Holmes | Posted on Automobile Mag

    Dodge plans to ramp up availability of its 707-hp Hellcat supercharged V-8 engines for the 2016 model year after demand outstripped supply this year. Dodge is still building any 2015 Charger or Challenger Hellcat models already purchased, but stopped taking new orders several months ago after a "huge flood" of orders, Dodge and SRT brand president and CEO Tim Kuniskis told Automotive News.

    "We're going to build more [Hellcats] for 2016," Kuniskis told AN. "It's a small sliver of what we sell, but it really creates a halo for the rest of the lineup."

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  • Jun 29 2015

    Updated Uconnect System Coming to Many 2016 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Models

    Written by Kelsey Mays | Posted on Cars

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' Uconnect touch-screen system will get a host of updates for 2016, including better graphics, faster menus, a reconfigurable menu bar and Apple's Siri Eyes Free integration.

  • Jun 29 2015

    General Motors Announces New 200-Mile Electric Chevrolet Bolt Model To Compete with Tesla Model 3

    Written by Brian White | Posted on Pioneer News

    Chevrolet is apparently looking to beat out the Tesla 3 with a more affordable 200-mile electric car. Currently, the General Motors company (the parent of Chevrolet) is testing a new electric prototype at its Milford Proving Ground where the GM data center—a place that is powered solely by the company’s vehicle’s recycled batteries.

    Perhaps Chevrolet is in direct competition with Tesla, to release a more affordable electric vehicle, or perhaps the company is just looking to get ahead of the electric vehicle trend that is obviously on its way.