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Job Creation

From research labs and supplier factories to assembly lines and dealership showrooms, the auto industry supports nearly 8 million jobs, pays $500 billion in annual compensation and generates $70 billion in personal tax revenue in the United States.

And, as low-skill manufacturing has shifted overseas (for example, in textiles or some consumer electronics), the importance of high-skill manufacturing, like automobiles, has risen. With auto sales rebounding from the financial crisis of the 2008 – 2009, automakers’ importance to our economy will continue to grow. Industry experts predict Chrysler, Ford and GM could hire 34,000 new workers over the next four years. And those new jobs will support about 300,000 more new jobs at auto suppliers and other local businesses that serve Chrysler, Ford and GM plants.

Chrysler, Ford and GM are just three of 16 major global automakers competing in the U.S., but they employ two-thirds of America’s autoworkers, purchase nearly two-thirds of the auto parts manufactured here, produce 55 percent of the autos assembled here and conduct most of America’s auto research and development.

Why do Chrylser, Ford and GM contribute so much more to our economy? Because they conduct the bulk of their engineering, manufacturing, marketing and finance work here. Four out of 10 Chrysler, Ford and GM employees are based in the U.S. At Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai/Kia, BMW, Mercedes and VW (the seven largest foreign automakers), only five in 100 employees are based here. That eight-fold difference translates into millions of U.S. jobs and tens of billions of dollars in parts sales, R&D and capital investment each year.

Jan 10 2014
Written by Benjamin Preston | Posted on The New York Times

Although Mopar has been Chrysler’s parts and service moniker since before World War II, it was during muscle-car craze of the 1960s that it came to be identified with performance aftermarket parts. At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week, Chrysler will have a sizable Mopar display as part of its 5,500-square-foot spread, showing off several vehicles laden with aftermarket parts.

Jan 08 2014
Written by Michael Wayland | Posted on MLive

The Auburn Hills-based automaker Tuesday announced the 2014 Dodge Dart SXT Blacktop package will debut at the 2014 North American International Auto Show next week.

Blacktop packages are already offered on Charger, Challenger, Avenger, Journey and Grand Caravan models. The packages includes Gloss Black wheels, select exterior paint colors, Gloss Black painted split-crosshair grille with Gloss Black matching grille surround, darkened headlamp bezels, as well as some unique Blacktop interior touches.

Jan 07 2014
Written by Larry P. Vellequette | Posted on Automotive News

Chrysler Group's Jeep brand set a global sales record in 2013 with sales of 731,565 vehicles, up 4 percent from the previous year's record despite not having the Jeep Cherokee available for sale until late October.

Three nameplates -- the Wrangler, Compass and Patriot -- set global and U.S. sales records in 2013, the company said. The Grand Cherokee was the brand's top-selling model globally at 255,005 units, followed by the Wrangler at 210,715.

Jan 07 2014
Written by Andrew Kidd | Posted on The News-Herald

In the wake of its full acquisition by Italian car maker Fiat, automotive manufacturer Chrysler has posted its strongest annual sales since 2007 and the highest December sales increase in six years.

The company saw a 9 percent increase in full-year sales for 2013 compared to 2012, making it the fourth consecutive year of annual growth, while its December sales of 161,007 new cars and trucks saw an increase of 6 percent compared with the previous year’s 152,367.

Jan 06 2014
Written by Craig Trudell | Posted on Journal Gazette

There are beer cans, and then there are Humvees. Ford will take pains to show its new, aluminum F-150 pickup has more in common with combat vehicles.