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Environmental Stewardship

Cars and trucks represent only 20 percent of America’s annual carbon emissions, yet automakers are the only industry committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions of new products by 30 percent in just five years. This reduction is the carbon equivalent of
eliminating 50 coal plants.

The EPA estimates that achieving this standard could cost automakers nearly $52 billion in research and development costs alone. Retooling, materials and manufacturing costs will also be substantial.

Already, automakers offer more than 150 new hybrids, all-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. FCA US, Ford and GM alone are putting millions of flex fuel vehicles on the road each year.

Aug 11 2014
Ford Media Center

The 2014 Ford C-MAX Hybrid has been named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for the second consecutive year.

The organization performed multiple crash tests on C-MAX Hybrid, resulting in a “good” rating in side crash, roof strength, restraint and seating evaluations.

“Ford takes the safety of our customers very seriously,” said Steve Kenner, global director, Ford Automotive Safety Office. “We are proud C-MAX Hybrid has achieved a Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.”

Aug 08 2014
Written by Nathan Bomey | Posted on Detroit Free Press

General Motors’ next-generation Chevrolet Volt will make its world debut in January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Tim Mahoney, Chevrolet chief marketing officer, would not provide details, except to say it will have more technology than the current Volt.

Mahoney spoke Thursday morning at the Management Briefing Seminars near Traverse City.

Sales for the first-generation Volt fell short of expectations. GM is under pressure to deliver significant advancements to boost sales of the extended-range plug-in hybrid.

Aug 05 2014
Written by Stephanie Davies | Posted on GM Authority

Though the seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette comes from the factory loaded with 460 horsepower, there’s always going to be power-hungry enthusiasts demanding more from their cars. The American-made Edelbrock E-Force supercharger system satisfies this hunger. Specifically designed for the LT1 and fitting like a glove under the stock hood due to its integration into the intake manifold, the E-Force results in a seamless design with minimal components and the virtual elimination of vacuum leaks between gasket surfaces.

Aug 04 2014
Written by Matt Blunt | Posted on The Wilson Center

In an ever-shrinking world, a popular refrain among some skeptics is that American manufacturing is not competitive in the global economy. A new report by the American Automotive Policy Council (AAPC) reveals that is simply not the case. Led by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors, American manufacturing is on the rise, creating jobs and expanding opportunity at a rate that hasn’t been seen in years.

Jul 30 2014
Ford Media Center

Ford Motor Company is collaborating with seven of the world’s largest automakers and 15 U.S. utility companies to develop technology for plug-in electric vehicles to talk to the utilities via the cloud – a move that would help manage energy use and improve the efficiency of the power grid.