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Environmental Stewardship

Cars and trucks represent only 20 percent of America’s annual carbon emissions, yet automakers are the only industry committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions of new products by 30 percent in just five years. This reduction is the carbon equivalent of
eliminating 50 coal plants.

The EPA estimates that achieving this standard could cost automakers nearly $52 billion in research and development costs alone. Retooling, materials and manufacturing costs will also be substantial.

Already, automakers offer more than 150 new hybrids, all-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Chrysler, Ford and GM alone are putting millions of flex fuel vehicles on the road each year.

Feb 13 2014
GM News`

Chevrolet is investing in clean energy efficiency initiatives of U.S. colleges and universities through its voluntary carbon-reduction initiative. The brand helped develop a formula where campuses can earn money for certain upgrades that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Feb 06 2014
GM News

Chevrolet’s expanded availability of bi-fuel versions of the new 2015 Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD trucks give customers and fleet managers more choices for cleaner-burning compressed natural gas-powered models – and savings at the pump.

With CNG currently priced about 62 percent less per gallon than gasoline, a work truck driven 26,000 miles a year can save more than $2,000 annually based on 75-percent CNG usage and comparable efficiency to gasoline.

Feb 05 2014
Written by David Shepardson | Posted on The Detroit News

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ new 2014 Ram 1500 diesel pickup earned a 28 miles-per-gallon highway rating, the best of any full-size half-ton pickup, the automaker said Tuesday.

The automaker said the Environmental Protection Agency rating also exceeds the mileage figure for the top-ranked small pickup.

Jan 09 2014
Written by Joielle Hoyle | Posted on GM Authority

The Clean Energy Patent Quarterly Crown [CEPQC] was awarded to General Motors for having exactly 40 clean energy patents in the last quarter of 2013. The CEPQC is distributed quarterly by the Clean Tech Group at Heslin, Rothernberg, Farley & Mesiti PC. The Clean Tech Group has been issuing this award in the U.S. since 2002 and according to a quarterly report issued last year, the CEPQC currently has a total of 757 U.S. granted patents.

Jan 08 2014
Written by David J. Unger | Posted on The Christian Science Monitor

Still no flying cars yet, but we're getting closer to ones that run on sun.

The world's fifth-largest automaker debuted a plug-in hybrid concept car Tuesday that combines a conventional gasoline engine with rooftop solar panels and a large concentrating lens to charge its battery.