RenCen eateries feed kitchen scraps to GM compost crusade

Tom Walsh

Collect scraps of fruits, onions and carrots plus some eggshells and coffee grounds from the kitchens of Andiamo, Potbelly, Coffee Beanery and other eateries in the Renaissance Center, mix them up with poop from herbivores at the Detroit Zoo, and what do you get?

Rich plant food for urban farms and gardens all over the city. Yum, yum.

General Motors turned its no-waste-to-landfills crusade up another notch this year, by enlisting restaurants in its RenCen headquarters complex — Andiamo, Joe Muer Seafood, Potbelly Sandwich Works, Coffee Beanery and others — to compost food scraps from their kitchens. Detroit Dirt, a start-up launched in 2010 by Pashon Murray, collects the organic kitchen waste, mixes it with manure and delivers it to customers.

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