Ford Gives App Developers A Data Advantage With Sync 3 Applink

Wayne Cunningham

With earlier versions of Sync AppLink, Ford promoted partnerships with independent app developers, inviting them to tailor their apps for Ford's in-dash infotainment system. At its developer conference this weekend, Ford introduces its heavily redesigned Sync 3 system to developers, adding graphics to the previous voice command-based system.
And using its home-court advantage, Ford gives AppLink developers access to in-car data, such as location, fuel economy, speed and a host of other information unavailable to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.
The advent of computer-driven infotainment systems and connectivity in cars lead to a difficult period as automakers attempted to build their own dashboard navigation head units, drawing features and influences from smartphones. Ford was particularly aggressive in its development, but the previous version of its Sync infotainment system suffered from a clunky interface, and it never managed to bring its AppLink app integration to models with its graphic GPS head units.