Ford Creates Focus Emojis To Appeal To Young Buyers

Michael Martinez

Heart eyes. Smiley face. Ford Focus?

Ford Motor Co. has created its own emojis as part of a new marketing program aimed at younger buyers for the Focus compact. The Dearborn automaker has partnered with Swyft Media to create a series of emojis for iOS and Android smartphones, and a set of “stickers” for use with the Kik, PalTalk and Tango mobile messaging application platforms.

Users can search “Ford Focus Pack” in the Apple iTunes or Google Play app stores to find and download the free app.

“Mobile messaging applications are channels through which a younger generation of consumers are increasingly connecting with their peers,” Angie Kozleski, Global Digital Communications Manager, Ford Motor Company, said in a statement. “Designing a sticker pack and emoji keyboard is an exciting way for Ford to entertain fans and participate in the conversation.”

The initiative, which launched Sept. 8, includes more than 30 digital stickers of various Focus models including sayings and chat messages such as “LOL,” “Let’s Go” and “Meet Me There.” The emojis include various colors and profile shots of the Focus.

The automaker said it chose the Focus for this marketing campaign because it’s the gateway vehicle to Ford’s youngest customers. Through the first eight months of the year, Ford has sold 150,427 Focuses, down 6.4 percent compared to the same period a year ago.

The Detroit News