Fiat-Chrysler Is Introducing a Cool New Tech Feature

Justin Stoltzfus

Many vehicle owners understand the frustration of having to look up maintenance information in the owner’s manual that comes with the vehicle from the factory. Over the years, as we develop our relationships with our cars, factory-supplied gear such as the jack and the owner’s manual gets shifted around. The glove compartment can get stuffed with registrations, insurance documents and other paperwork, as well as all kinds of other stuff, and the manual can get jammed into the back of the compartment — or taken out and lost.

Even when it’s there, that few minutes of wrangling it out of the glove box can seem a little bit of a chore. There’s also the issue of updates — if you bought a 2001 vehicle, you’re looking at a paper manual that was printed in 2001.

Now, there’s a new high-tech solution for owners of a new Dodge Charger, Challenger, or a Chrysler 300.

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