The 600-hp 2016 Ford Focus Rs Rx: Officially The Baddest Focus Ever

Wesley Wren

Ken Block’s newest rallycross ride just upstaged the RS

At the end of Ken Block’s latest "Gymkhana," we caught a glimpse of the menacing Ford Focus RS RX. But info was sparse: We only saw that it was Block’s, and that it was “coming soon to Gymkhana nine.” Aside from that, we were left in the dark -- that is, until Ford came forward and officially announced that the wide-bodied Focus will be its latest entry in World Rallycross.

No word about how much of the actual Focus RS remains in its rallycross form, but we can’t imagine too many stock mechanical parts withstanding the 600 hp required in the Supercar WRX class. Torque is a stated 664 lb-ft, all squeezed out of a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four.

The 0-60 mph launch time? Under two seconds. This thing is a monster.

What we do know is that Block will be in a factory-backed Ford for the 2016 FIA World Rallycross championship, which means he will be driving the coolest Focus ever.

About the partnership, Block said, "To have official factory support for my race season in 2016 and beyond as I enter the FIA World Rallycross Championship full-time is absolutely incredible. It opens up a ton of powerful resources that myself and my team will be able to benefit from in terms of engineering prowess, research, development and racing experience from different fields.”