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Cadillac Bets on Virtual Dealerships

Buyers walking into a Cadillac dealer in the near future could find an interesting thing on the car lot: nothing.

In a somewhat unprecedented way of moving metal, Cadillac President  Johan de Nysschen will this month begin looking for commitments from some store owners willing to set up showrooms where buyers can get a car serviced or learn about products via virtual reality headsets without getting behind the wheel.

Ford Boosts 2017 Plug-in Hybrid Efficiency With Attention To Detail

Ford recently announced that as part of the mid-cycle update for its Fusion sedan, the plug-in hybrid variant would be getting a notable improvement in fuel efficiency. In fact, the EPA fuel economy estimates for the Fusion Energi have gone up by 10 percent bringing all-electric driving range to 22 miles and the gasoline hybrid rating to 42 mpg combined. Surprisingly the engineers did this by massaging everything but the lithium ion battery which remains unchanged at a capacity of 7.6-kWh.

Ford CEO on steering the 113 year old giant towards a future of mobility and autonomous cars

Ford President and CEO Mark Fields may have one of the most challenging jobs of any executive here at Code Conference: transition a 113 year old auto-maker into a product and mobility services business. All this must happen without alienating current consumers, damaging the existing brand and negotiating with regulators.

The cars of our future will have advanced autonomous features, and hardware and software designed to deliver all kinds of content where and how consumers want it, said Fields.

How GM Is Lightweighting Its Cars With Advanced Manufacturing Technology

General Motors is operating full steam ahead when it comes to integrating lightweight materials and innovative manufacturing techniques into its new passenger cars and trucks. That was the takeaway after Kelley Blue Book‘s recent visit to the iconic GM Design Dome at its Warren Tech Center outside Detroit, Michigan.

Bill Ford: Detroit should be 'mobility central'

The pace of partnerships between the automotive industry and Silicon Valley tech companies will continue to accelerate as the two industries work together to develop autonomous cars and reshape the automotive industry, Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford, said today during a keynote speech to kick off Detroit Startup Week.

"In Michigan and Detroit, we have more engineers here than any other state. We have a huge customer base here with (automakers) and tier one suppliers, and this should be mobility central. Not Silicon Valley. Not Austin, Texas. Not Boston."

General Motors Unlocks the Future of Digital Customer Journeys

GM is updating AtYourService, a platform that delivers targeted offers to drivers, by connecting even more data points about customers to increase relevancy throughout their journeys.

For automakers, the driving experience is no longer just about getting from point A to point B. Automakers like General Motors are increasingly thinking like digital marketers as the company consolidates customer data and marketing operations to deliver targeted offers to drivers and passengers.

Autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EVs charge (get it?) into San Francisco

When General Motors decided to bolster its autonomous-driving portfolio with the acquisition of Cruise Automation, along with its $500 million investment in ridesharing company Lyft, it was pretty easy to figure out where the company was headed. Now, on the streets of San Francisco, we're finally seeing the General's plans come to fruition.

Cutting weight helps new GM vehicles save fuel, money

Hidden in a General Motors presentation on how the automaker has taken hundreds of pounds out of the weight of its new vehicles is an innovation with huge implications for the automaker’s costs and conversion to new materials.

GM is about to start making parts with a technique that allows it to weld steel and aluminum together.